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You deserve to know the truth. You need to know the truth.  You do not have to live with doubts which can poison your happiness and your relationship.  When there are suspicions of infidelity it is an unbearably painful situation which can seem to have no end in sight.  If no action is taken to determine if trust has in fact been breached it could take years to recover, if ever. In many cases the evidence of infidelity is not definitive, so the only way to find out the truth is through polygraph testing.


Polygraph exams are an effective tool in helping those who are seeking to re-establish trust after past infidelities, or to prove their innocence if falsely accused.  This is an area where experience is paramount, and the ability of the examiner to work through the issues with both parties is indispensable. Successfully identifying the issues is only the beginning.  Mike has the experience to work with both parties to develop questions that successfully resolve all doubts and rebuild trust.


Most people are nervous about taking a polygraph, some more so than others.  This is largely because of the widespread misconception that there will be “surprise” or “trick” questions during a polygraph test.  This is simply not the case. Mike will review each and every question in detail to ensure a complete and thorough understanding before any actual testing begins.

Cheating/Fidelity – Polygraph can be used to determine if someone has had sexual contact or has engaged in any type of sexual activity with anyone else besides his/her partner during a given time frame, such as over the course of a marriage. Other sexual issues which can be addressed using polygraph include sex with escorts or prostitutes, secret meetings or dating, undisclosed kissing or intimate physical contact, and undisclosed contact with ex boyfriends or girlfriends.

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Personal History - This type of polygraph is appropriate when someone needs to verify aspects of his/her partner's background such as gambling, drug or alcohol habits, health issues such as sexual history and sexually transmitted diseases, and undisclosed financial obligations.

Internet Activities - Not all cheating involves actual physical contact. Polygraph can be used to determine the extent of online sexual activities such as visits to pornographic websites, sexual chat rooms, interactive sexual web sites, emails, instant messages, social media, or sexting.  Clients can also use polygraph to discover communications or meetings with anyone from "hookup" websites available to the public.


We can help you resolve concerns about fidelity and other relationship issues by providing a professional and personalized polygraph examination of the person you suspect of being unfaithful in your relationship. All polygraph examinations are constructed around your specific concerns and adhere to strict confidentiality ensuring complete privacy.

Private Theft Issues - Veracity Polygraph and Investigations can help you determine the truth and facts surrounding incidents of theft involving family members, friends, associates, business partners, and roommates.  Polygraphs can be conducted for instances involving theft of money, jewelry, art, or any other items of value or importance to you. All examinations are targeted to specific issues identified by you as the client, and are kept completely confidential ensuring complete privacy.

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Fraud and Forgery - Veracity Polygraph and Investigations can assist those who are suspected of or who have been accused in relation to forgeries, financial fraud, credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, and Medicare or Medicaid fraud.  


Substance Abuse/Addiction - Are you concerned about the possibility that someone you love is using/buying/selling illegal drugs?  Do you need to know the truth regarding someone’s actual use of alcohol? Is a child, a spouse, a sibling, or someone you care about abusing prescription medications?  Polygraph can help you find the answers that you need so that you can help those that you care about, and have peace of mind.


We can assist families and therapists in determining the bedrock truth about addiction issues for addicts who are struggling with recovery.  


Additionally, Veracity Polygraph and Investigations can provide monitoring examinations which identify relapse behaviors or other activities of concern and can thereby be of substantive assistance in achieving the goals of treatment and overcoming addiction. Whether the addiction is related to drugs, gambling, alcohol, sex, pornography, or any other issue, Veracity Polygraph and Investigations can be a key element in obtaining the information needed to successfully complete an addiction recovery program.

Student/School Related Issues - Veracity Polygraph and Investigations can conduct a private and confidential polygraph which addresses school related issues. Whether you are concerned about illegal drug use at school, accusations of cheating, plagiarism, physical or sexual abuse, bullying or cyberbullying, or any other issues involving school officials, polygraph examinations can provide you with the answers that you need. All polygraphs are conducted in a safe and professional environment, and observe strict confidentiality thus ensuring complete privacy.

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Allegations of Sexual Abuse - Veracity Polygraph and Investigations has the experience and expertise to understand the complex and difficult issues which are endemic to allegations of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct.  As a graduate from the National Center for Credibility Assessment, which is the pre-eminent polygraph school in the world, and while working sex offender cases for the FBI, Mike obtained immense expertise in these types of cases.  He is licensed with the State of Utah, and has also received advanced sex offender training recognized and certified by the American Polygraph Association. Allegations of sexual abuse can involve:

  • Sexual abuse of a child

  • Sexual misconduct with another adult

  • Sexual activity using force, threats, or coercion

Restore Your Good Name - Polygraph can be used to counter false allegations, clear your good name and help you restore your reputation with a professional, confidential and personalized examination. If you are being wrongly accused Veracity Polygraph and Investigations can help you establish your innocence, and you will receive a written report detailing the results which can be used at your discretion.

Mike is fluent in the Spanish language, having graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Spanish in 1987.  He also has broad based practical experience in the daily use of that language while serving in Venezuela as a missionary for his church, and while living and working in Puerto Rico for the FBI for several years.  


Veracity Polygraph and Investigations offers an extensive array of polygraph services to the public.  Feel free to contact us if the type of polygraph you need is not listed here.

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