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Can you afford to have even one bad apple on your team?  


Can you afford to waste time and money on a candidate who is willfully attempting to circumvent your department's screening process?


In today’s hiring atmosphere, it is imperative that law enforcement select only the best candidates for those positions which become available, and mistakes cannot afford to be made in selecting candidates who are actively attempting to subvert the process by concealing negative information about themselves.  Sometimes this concealed information consisted of simple issues which may be embarrassing but are not disqualifying. At other times serious information such as undisclosed involvement with illegal drugs or other serious crimes is obtained during a pre-employment polygraph.


Law Enforcement Pre-employment Polygraphs (LEPETs)are typically

afforded to an applicant after he/she has been interviewed more than once,

usually by experienced officers and the Chief or Sheriff.  And yet, day in and

day out polygraphs reveal information about which candidates were willing

to lie in the hope of achieving their goal of obtaining employment.


Mike completed more than one thousand applicant polygraph examinations while

working for the FBI, and has a proven knack for discovering information

which is critical to decision makers in law enforcement hiring.     

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The Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 (EPPA) prohibits most private employers from using polygraph testing to screen applicants for employment, with notable exceptions which are discussed under the “Private Sector Companies” tab of this website.  However, the EPPA permits polygraph tests to be administered to job applicants of federal, state, and local governmental agencies such as police departments, school systems, and correctional institutions.



Veracity Polygraph and Investigations offers pre-employment polygraph examinations to the following types of governmental agencies seeking to utilize polygraph in order to improve the quality of those selected as new employees:

  • Fire Departments

  • Police Departments

  • Public Water Works

  • Toxic Waste Disposal

  • Corrections Institutions

  • Public Agencies and Schools

  • Nuclear or Electrical Power Plants

  • Local, State and Government Agencies

  • Companies Under Contract with the Federal Government

  • Companies Which Manufacture, Distribute or Dispense Controlled Substances


If your agency, department, or office is looking to improve the quality of the applicants you choose to employ and have more peace of mind in those choices, give Veracity Polygraph and Investigations a call. You simply cannot afford not to!

Mike is fluent in the Spanish language, having graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Spanish in 1987.  He also has broad based practical experience in the daily use of that language in Venezuela as a missionary for his church, and while living and working in Puerto Rico for the FBI for several years.  

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